Lump Sum Profits Review!

Lump Sum Profits Review!

Lump Sum Profits Review! What is lump sum profits? Find out if Lump Sum Profits is a scam or a legit way to make money online.

My Lump Sum Profits Review


Overview of Lump Sum Profits

Ryan Moran created Lump Sum Profits. What is it? Lump sum profits shows you how to build small websites in roughly 30 minutes get ranked in Google, and flip them to make money. You can make quick profits of $500 or take in a load of money with real case studies of $80,000+!!!

What it shows you that makes the difference is the quick website building and quick Google ranking turning your site into a profit.

Even if you think you can’t build a website you can make money with lump sum profits!

What Lump Sum Profits can do in addition is show you to create that website quickly or find websites that you can in turn resell for profit. So, don’t want the mondane process of creating websites buy them and kill it with profit.


What Comes With a Lump Sum Profits Membership

When you join Lump Sum Profits  you will gain instant access to….

  • A secret step by step method that reveals how to make small websites and to flip websites for quick profit..

  • How to find and buy websites that are making money follow price and sell them for Huge Profits!

  • and  much much more!.

Final Thoughts on Lump Sum Profits

Lump Sum Profits gives the average “Newbie” internet marketer a way to get in the game of flipping websites and start generating income from a niche income method. What it isn’t is a scam and you do nothing and make money if you wanna do some work and make a buck great course from a real person showing you how to make money.

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Mobile Monopoly Review

This is my mobile monopoly review. Is it a scam? Or worth it? Well it isn’t a scam. It was created by a 20 year old. Adam Horwitz. He has grossed 5 million dollars and visited Barack Obama. But does it mean he has a good product?

Mobile Monopoly Break Down

Well it is a great product. The market for mobile marketing is huge and it is just in its infancy! The beauty is that he shows you how to get your foot in the door. What it also shows you how to spot the trends and spot the opportunity. Here is what is included in the package.

Module 1 – Introduction To Mobile Monopoly – How To Get Mobile

Module 2 –  The “List Leapfrog” Method

Module 3 –   The Advertising Networks

Module 4 – CPA On Cellular

Module 5 – Email Marketing And ClickBank

Module  6 – Tangible Products With Amazon

Module 7 – Pay Per Call

Module 8 – Local Business Profits

Module 9 – Mobile App Development

Module 10 – Putting It All Together

There are pros and cons though, as with everything.


The pros are easy enough. Mobile Monopoly will show you how to get into marketing on the internet with a new method or if you are seasoned pro show you some new tricks on how to get some more business.


Not a get rich scheme. So if you are looking for a pie in the sky this isn’t your bag.


What everyone has to realize is that internet marketing is  a lot of work. You need to be able to assimilate the program and do as it says. You can’t expect an overnight return you have to test what works best and what will work for you. You need to be able to think outside tomorrow. You may not make a dollar the very next day but you can in a week if you take the time and do the program. Many people don’t give anything they buy a shot and think of it as a scam when it could be a very good product like Mobile Monopoly 2. The guide is there. It is a great guide that can show you how to make $100 a day. But you do need to start and do it. So in conclusion what i say in this review is that Mobile Monopoly is a solid and awesome product. If you want to make a few dollars do it. Get the product read it, absorb it and DO IT! Make that money you want to make!

If you are interested in Buying

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If not move on and don’t say i didn’t warn you to buy it.


Best Blackjack Betting Strategy


Best Blackjack Betting Strategy

Blackjack is as we all know is a favorite for many gamblers. But is there a blackjack betting strategy that works and can make you money at the tables. What is the best blackjack betting strategy? There really isn’t one. That is the honest truth. There are however many that work well. (Shameless plug i have written a small 13 page e-book that is my strategy that i have used to make a good sum of money every time i hit the table.)

Everyone wants to win. Everyone would love to win every time. But that isn’t going to happen with blackjack or life and any strategy that you use will be hit and miss. It is also how you play the shoe. I think if you are hitting, then play it hard, if not, play easy.

A simple blackjack strategy that everyone knows and plays, if you consider yourself at all a gambler, is basic strategy. I am not going in to a huge explanation on it but pretty much you try and make the dealer bust. It gives you the best odds in a blackjack game if you don’t play your odds are very in the houses favor. Your odds playing basic strategy is about 51% house 49% player. Now, I’m sure many are going to be like that is off by 3 or 1.2% and i don’t care roughly 50/50, with the house having a higher probability to win. Again if you play blackjack you can and probably will lose, eventually but if you can win sometimes and even the playing field it does better then not. Blackjack as many know is a simple game. Everyone playing puts up a bet and gets two cards and so does the dealer. The dealer only shows one card and you hit or stay based on your hand and the dealers. This is basic strategy. You hit and stay based on the dealers hand giving you the best odds of winning. I have added a picture of a basic strategy chart. I want to note that there are different types of blackjack and how many decks they use. Each changing your odds.


Now, if you play with just the chart above then your likely hood of making money has just increased. But many want a betting strategy to go along with basic strategy to actually make your wins bigger. There are many and many of them are garbage i believe the best blackjack betting strategy is the one I use and believe i created but then again there are so many I might have inadvertently taken without knowledge. You can buy my e-book on Amazon. How To Play Blackjack A Simple Guide: How to Play Blackjack and Betting Strategy.

One of the 2nd best blackjack betting strategies is the pyramid system. In the pyramid system you are betting what you lost. So, if you place a bet of $5 you lose. Your second hand you bet $10 and if you win this hand you are back at even. When you are winning you just maintain a minimum bet  whatever it is at the table, for the example above would be $5 until you lose again then you PYRAMID your bet till you are back at even. The one main problem with this if you lose and keep losing your are going to lose your shirt.

Although no blackjack blackjack betting system is full proof they can help you make extra money in your session. I want to say that I didn’t touch on earlier is money management is key in betting and making money. Stick to basic strategy and buy my book and use that strategy although I don’t guarantee anything with it you might just win more.

Income Ideas

Would you like to know some extra income ideas? Imagine working half as hard as you do now for some extra income? Nice right? Well there are 100’s of income ideas out there but some require a lot of experience and expertise. I want to give you a few that will produce income quickly and can use your talent set.



Why you ask? Because freelancing isn’t hard because if you have a skill set like typing, writing, sales, photoshop, art or anything like that you can produce income and all from home! There are a few sites out there that will give you a venue from which to find work. There are a few out there such as,, and That is naming a few. You just need the skill set that you are trying to get hired for. There isn’t many secrets to this income idea just that you sign up and sent applications like you would at any local area business that you apply for. You do want to showcase your work and make yourself stand out from the crowd but i also think that is self explanatory.

 I see this is the quickest way for income and is an awesome income idea. One you are using your talents. Secondly there is a site dedicated to workers with skill sets and they help you find the work. So there isn’t any extensive marketing that you need to do. You will have to work, but if you are interested in doing something that your are good at and maybe even enjoy this is a great place to make that happen. Many freelancers are making a great living working from home and purely off these sites. You also have the option to set up a team and divi the work out to different workers that you have. It is a very powerful income producer.


Second income idea is a advertising network called Banners Broker. It is an awesome and powerful way to double your money with limited amounts of work from you.( If you want help directly from me on this business i will be glad to help anyone starting up and getting money made.) The reason i put this on here is because anyone can do it. Yet many don’t know about this powerful little gem of a business. You become a member they have ad package from $25 all the way to $3,655. So there is a lot of room if you want to start small and see it work or go for broke and invest some money. They guarantee to double your money within 16 weeks that is 4 months. Thats a great ROI. You might be saying you don’t have a site? Thats is ok they have and Advertiser/Publisher combo that will take care of that issue. The thing about Banners Broker is that it is a business and needs to be treated as such. So work is the key but the idea is sound and the money is there to be made. So this isn’t a get rich quick scheme that will make you a millionaire overnight but it will put money into your pocket. Again if you would like to join this business and work with a team that will help you make money please contact me directly and please address the contact to Banners Broker.


Third income idea is starting a website or blog. Why? Because the internet is becoming a part of everything we do. Think about it. Encyclopedias are extinct because of all the information on the internet. Or the ease of finding the information on the internet.  We shop, watch TV, check email, check Facebook, keep in touch read everything!!! So why not have your piece of real estate on the internet. The thing i want you to realize is that most people who do get a business or website online end up quitting and usually before the prize. The internet isn’t made for overnight riches no matter what anyone has to say. You need to learn and actually have to invest money into it. You may ask how do you make money online. Easy enough there are people who sell things they want commissioned agents called affiliates to sell things for them. Then they cut you a commission check. Another way is to make an ebook or product and sell that. The power behind this is the internet isn’t going anywhere most likely it is just going to get bigger and bigger making it more a part of everyone’s life. This is probably the most powerful income idea there is.


Fourth income idea is ebay or amazon. These two sites are great. This is the way i started making money on the web. The real reason that you can make such a great income with them is because millions shop at both sites and millions will continue. So you are really benefiting from the traffic of the sites and selling items that people need. I started by buying things and selling them on both sites. I started with computers but got tired of the shipping so i went to video games. I made great money. You might be wondering where i got my inventory. I got it on ebay actually. I found that people misspell words in descriptions and end up not getting as much exposure. I would bid on them and make out like a bandit. See the lack of people finding them makes the bids low. This is called eBay arbitrage. It is a great tactic and very powerful stuff.


Fifth income idea is garage sales. And i don’t just mean stuff that you have or own and want to get rid of. There are sites out there that deal with overstock items. I dont mean i mean and jsut to name a few. If you have flea markets you can rent a booth and make a great income as well. The good thing about overstock it is cheap! You have to buy a lot but you do make a sound profit from them.


In conclusion there are tons of income ideas out there. I tried to not keep it all online because i know not everyone wants to be an internet marketer or own a website but if you are i have most of my site dedicated to making money on the web.


Extra Income

Extra Income

If ever we needed to make extra income it is in today’s day and age. There are tons of ways to make extra income just few ways to work hard today and reep the benefits later. Extra income is just that but if you want passive income that will generate your bank account money for a while being on the web is the way to do it. How do you start on the internet? How do you earn extra income online? It is really the oldest question asked on the internet many people want to know and need to know. They spend money on this program or that and they make no money. Why? Perseverance maybe…..or maybe they just thought it was a get rich quick thing. That is i think the main problem. People want a get rich quick money maker. They start out thinking they just want a little extra income but end up thinking that they can strike it rich overnight. that really isn’t going to happen unless you hit the lottery. And the odds are a long shot but if you wanna be rich overnight there is no other way. Having an online business is like any other business except you do have the ability to make huge amounts of income with a much lower overhead. You can do most everything on a tight budget if you need to. You can also outsource some of your work and work just on how the business runs. There are obvious things that you need when staring on the web. You need a website and you need a product. But i don’t have a product you say? Its is OK there are tons of people that have products that will give you up to 75% of the profits for you to sell it for them. Or you can go on amazon and be an associate. Amazon has a lot of books and items you can sell.


Affiliate Guide

I saw so much junk out there about how easy it is to make money online but its not. Then i decided i’ll make an affiliate guide to make sure people aren’t misled and realize that there is a lot of work and definitely a hard task to get an income from online activity. There are tons of things you need to do. And an affiliate guide might be able to help you realize this and go about the task and be able to help you in your online journey. In general when you come into an arrangement with a website or network that you send visitors and buyers to your affiliate link then when they buy you receive a commision.

But that is really simple terms. Some things that you need to do in order to get the sales is one have a website. That can seem like a really simple statement but to be honest with you you need some way to drive people to your offer. And you need a website to do it.

The real thing is that you might have a website now what? Well you need content. YOu need relevant data to be on your website helping your readers in whatever niche you decide to promote.After your content though you need to be found because the simple truth in this is that just because you build it doesn’t meant they will come. You need to get indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo.  The trickiest part of my affiliate guide is showing up on the first page of any search engine. Many people say that SEO content is needed but that is just a  part of it you need links from sites linking to you. Why? Google believes this makes you more of an authority on the topic people are linking to you so it shows Google that you know what you are talking about. This is the trickiest part because not all links are created equal. I could go on and on about this one topic. But i won’t. All in all this is a simple affiliate guide that can give you a rundown of making money with affiliate programs.